Dr. Bill Lewinski Presents at London Risky Business Conference

Dr. Bill Lewinski of the Force Science Institute, gives a talk at the Risky Business Conference in London. During the talk, Lewinski says tools and training are essential to manage risk and threats, but appreciating the environment and the external factors is important to allow adjustment to the threat as it evolves. Police officers are trained to be competent through attaining skills, and the use of resources and tools available to them to do their job. The successful performers operate in high stress situations by transcending these tools; their actions become automatic, subconscious, they are able to perceive their environment and the threats that otherwise may have been missed. It is important to understand the threatening environment; focusing solely on the tools to address a problem, pulls you away from the evolving process.

Dr. Bill Lewinski: The Lewinski Lecture Series

The Lewinski Lecture Series was developed by the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Minnesota State University, Mankato, to recognize the contribution of Dr. Bill Lewinski and Force Science to a revolutionary, increased understanding of the myriad human performance elements that play a critical, often life-changing role in the high stress, rapidly unfolding encounters in which police professionals are often engaged.  Dr. Bill Lewinski was invited to present the inaugural lecture in the Series.



Dr. Bill Lewinski of the Force Science Institute provides his expertise to the "Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine Podcast." Lewinski explains high-stress decision making, engaging a suspect with rapport, and the importance of time as a factor in an officer's ability to react to complex situations. To listen to the podcast, click here.


Dr. Bill Lewinski

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